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Buna! Ce am gasit azi navigand pe internet!

Lung Ionut, un cunoscut blogger scrie un sucrt articol despre muzica trance, despre comunitate de fani ai trance-ului in Romania!

Cu toate ca spune ca el nu are nici o legatura cu acest gen de muzica se pare ca il sustine 100%.

Ceva foarte frumos din partea lui!

Puteti citii mai multe informatii despre acest articole urmarind link-ul din textul de aici: Trance Romania

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Hai ca am zis sa mai fac ceva activitate si sa revin putin in a va pune la dispozitie, dupa ce sute dintre voi mi-ati cerut acest lucru un server de triburile speed!

Este si populat, chiar foarte popular, poate unii dintre voi il stiti, altii ba.

El este:

Sunt active 4 luni de joc, cu viteze diferite de speed, mai multe informatii puteti sa gasiti pe site-ul cu pricina!

Mult noroc si la cat mai multe sate cucerite!

Be the best!

black raspberry recipes

The Tasty Black Raspberry Pie Treat

Enjoying a black raspberry pie is a wonderful treat; you get to enjoy a hot freshly backed pie filled with fresh juicy berries with their flavors still intact because this pie doesn’t involve cooking the berries.

Preparation of the black raspberry pie takes some effort, but when you get the final product you will realize its worth every single bit of your effort, because it’s a fine delicious treat. Preparation normally involves first preparing the pie crust then filling it with blackberries or raspberries. You can make your pie using the traditional Betty Crocker method or the modern most used one.
Most used method

Normally, no matter the method you use to prepare the scrumptious black raspberry pie, one should always assign some adequate time for the preparation process. The main ingredients are of course white flour and blackberries or raspberries. Remember to get the freshest berries to make the treat extra fantastic.

Main ingredients are 1 ½ cups of white flour and ½ cup of butter and also 7-8 cups of berries. Other ingredients are:
4 Tbsp water
3 Tbsp sugar
¾ tsp salt
However the salt is not necessary if the butter is salted.

The first part of the preparation is preparing the pie crust and the final part is filling the pie crust.
Preparing the pie crust
1.) The flour, sugar and butter are mixed together. Mixing is more efficient when the preparation of the pie crust is done in a food processor. The food processor mixes fast and thoroughly, however if processor is not available, manual mixing can still be sufficient.
2.) Water is added 1 Tbsp at a time to the subsequent mixture until a soft dough is formed. The dough formed should not be too wet to avoid it being sticky. It should also not be too dry as it won’t roll out well. Incase one is using a food processor make sure not to over mix, stop the processor as soon as the lump is formed.
3.) The soft dough is then rolled into a 9 inch plate forming a crust and baked at 350 degrees for 15 minutes until it turns golden Brown. The crust is then rolled extra thick until it almost looks like a cookie crust.

Remember to put another pie plate on top of the crust, so that the crust won’t fold and buckle as it bakes. This second pie plate will help the pie to maintain its shape. Allow for some few minutes for the pie to cool, and then remove the second pie plate on top. Removing the plate before cooling will tear the hot crust.

Filing the pie crust
1.) Here, out of the 7-8 cups of berries, 3 cups are put in the blender and whizzed to form a paste. Incase the berries used have a lot of seeds; they must be strained through a fine sieve to remove the seeds. After the whole process, one obtains around 1 ½ cups of berry sauce.
2.) Then in a small bowl, 1 cup of sugar is mixed with 3 Tbsp of cornstarch.
3.) This corn starch- sugar mixture is placed in a pan and mixed with the berry sauce from stage 1. Then the combined mixture is heated gently until it boils. To avoid the mixture from thickening and thus scorching, the mixture should be constantly stirred. What is obtained here is the berry glaze.
4.) Wait for the berry glaze to cool, and then mix it with the remaining cups of fresh berries. This mixture is what is spread evenly into the pie crust to form a black raspberry pie.
5.) The pie should be left to chill for at least 3 hours before being served.
Remember you can use either raspberries or blackberries for filling.
Also to make the pie extra yummy, a layer of vanilla yoghurt can be spread in the bottom of the crust before filling the berries. This is optional.
The traditional Betty Crocker method

As usual the pie crust is prepared first and then it’s filled with the berries. The ingredients here and the procedure may differ a bit from the previous method.

Main ingredients are 1 ½ cup of white flour (I cup for making the crust and ½ used in the filling), 1/3 cup butter or shortening and 8 cups of fresh black raspberries. Other ingredients are:
2- 3 Tbsp of cold water
1 cup sugar
¾ tsp cinnamon
½ tsp salt
Salt will not be necessary if the butter is salted.

Preparing the Pie crusts
Preparing the crust in a food processer is easy and fast and also produces a fine, flacky crust. However if the food processor is not available the crust can still be prepared manually. Steps in preparing the crust are:
1.) Flour, butter and salt are placed in the food processer, and the processor subsequently turned on medium to high until a coarse, crumby mixture is produced.
2.) Cold water is added 1 Tbsp at a time and the crumby mixture blended until it forms into a lump. Ensure not to add to much water.
3.) The resulting pie crust is rolled just as any other pie crust.

Filling the pie crust
The remaining ingredients not used in preparing the crust are berries, ½ cup of flour, 1 cup sugar and cinnamon. These are used for filling. The procedure for filing is:
1.) Mix all of the above ingredients in a bowl and pour them into the pie crust.
2.) Then the top crust of the pie is rolled out and subsequently vents are cut in it and its edges are fluted.
Remember: If you like, you can brush milk onto the upper crust so as to make it shine and then add some sprinkles of sugar to sparkle it. But this step is optional.
3.) Finally bake at 375 for 50 minutes.
Serve hot or cold, with ice cream or without.
The main difference between this method and the first one is that for the first method the crust is baked before filing, while for this traditional method baking is done after filing. All in all, whatever the method used, one will still be able to savor the delectable tastes of the black raspberry pie.

Prietenii nostri de la Google il celebreaza pe nea’Gabor, Dennis Gabor…voi stiti cine este? Hmmm… pai daca nu, stati asa ca va explic…in cele ce urmeaza ;))

Dennis Gabor a fost un fizician de origine maghiara care a intentat holografia in 1949, pentru care a primit Premiul Nobel pentru Fizica in anul 1971.

Holografia este o forma avansata a tehnicii fotografice, este acea metoda de inregistrare a unei imagini tridimensionale pe un suport bidimensional. Inregistrarile astfel obtinute se numesc holograme.

El a avut, de asemenea, descoperiri de la osciloscoapele de mare viteza, teoria comunicarii, optica fizica, pana la televiziune. Gabor a castigat mai mult de 100 de brevete.

Ideea holografiei i-a apartinut lui Dennis Gabor, dar inventia sa nu a putut insa fi aplicata pe scara larga decat dupa anii 1960, odata cu inventarea laserului. Astfel, prima holograma a unor obiecte tridimensionale a fost înregistrata in anul 1963 de catre fizicienii Emmett Leith si Juris Upatnieks in SUA si de catre Yuri Denisyuk in Rusia.

Cand Dennis Gabor a castigat in 1971 Premiul Nobel pentru Fizica pentru ca a inventat holografia, renumitul pictor si sculptor Salvador Dali a vazut imediat cum poate fi aceasta transpusa si in arta.

El s-a folosit de intelepciunea lui Gabor si a produs cateva lucrari pe care le-a expus in primavara anului ‘72 la o expozitie la Galeria Knoedler din New York, comentand in catalogul sau ca geniul lui Gabor a furat magia de la trimensionalul lui Velasquez si cubismul lui Picasso.

Holografia a facut posibila renasterea unei arte si in fata mea se deschid nou usi pentru o noua era a creativitatii“.


Buna! Ai un server de triburile? Vrei sa il inscri pe acest Portal GRATIS? Acum e simplu daca serverul tau are peste 300 de vizitatori pe zii atunci lasa un comentariu in acest post si noi te vom contacta automat la adresa de email setata de tine!
Va multumim!

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